The Art of Copying

I don’t know where I heard that it was okay to copy things. I think it was my art teacher, she said that,

 “Copying was a form of appreciation.”

And I agree, it is okay to copy things to an extent. You can not copy things something and call it yours, that’s stealing. But copying things from different places and mashing it together, that’s creating somethings new. When I was in 6th grade I copied my best friends handwriting. I was tired of being told that I had bad handwriting and I liked the way that her handwriting looked, so I copied it. For all of 6th grade we were told that our handwriting looked similar and I played it off, but in 7th grade both of our handwriting had morphed into something new. Her’s took more of a Pre-school teachers style and my was a mix of cursive and print. I had changed it. I think that it is okay to copy, but not to steal. To learn the difference is to succeed in life. There are so many things in the world, to ask for something completely different from everything that is already created is absurd. I’m not saying copy something, change a few words and calling it your’s is alright, or even taking the main idea of someones work is risky because you have to make sure that all other details are different, then you can call it you own. Take Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and High School Musical for example, to completely different things, or are they.

  • A girl falls in love with a guy
  • They come from different ‘worlds’ that push them apart
  • Friends of the main male character cause distress to the main female character
  • The main couple is together in the end
  • Friends of the main couple work through troubles to become mutual friends for sake of main couple

The main idea of Romeo and Juliet is displayed in HSM but the other details were different. Copy and Change, my man. Copy and Change. It’s the way of the future.


Word of the Day 6/05


Definition~ The symbol #

Yes our favorite symbol, the hashtag has a real name. Even before that it was called pound, or the number sign.  Ask any elementary kid they will call a #, they will say hashtag, ask they what a pound it, most will say, “pound cake?” Apparently the word began in the 1970s, -octo means eight (for the eight edges) and who knows what thorpe means. As for me the first thing I see when  I look at a #, is a tic-tac-toe game {I like being X}.



noh-tuh-bil-ee-uh| plural noun

matters, events, or items worthy of note.

  This blog is about the trials of a teenage black girl. I will try to write once about controvertible topics once a week, a “Word of the day” (everyday) and add a Daily Dose of Morgen… well daily. Please know that I am only human so I will vent about things from a view that you may not appreciate, but I am entitled to my opinion so boohoo get over yourself and try to see where I am coming from. Never less, please comment about what you think and I will put it into considerations. You know what? Just comment in general. About what you think, how you are feeling, how you day has been going, what lead you to this blog, anything! Comment! Comment! Comment! I have never had a blog before so hopefully this will be fun and exciting as you walk through the mind of a bored teenage girl. 


Word of the Day

  The very first word of the day is…You guessed it Notabilia! {It is also in my Home page} Notabilia is a latin word that means: Matters, events, or items worthy of note. 

“In Latin of the classical period, notābilis was an adjective only, 

meaning“noteworthy, famous,” but also “notorious, infamous.” Late Latin 

developedthe noun senses: first “noteworthy thing, important event” (plural 

notābiliaand later “eminent person” (plural notābilēs). Notabilia entered 

English in themid-19th century.”

Most WOD won’t be as extensive, but I thought I should explain why my blog is named Notabilia

     I have wanted to start a blog for a while now, but I didn’t know what to post about. Still, I visited other blogs to imagine what mine would be like next to theirs. I had decided what I wanted my blog to be like after going through 20 different pages. I don’t know what I had to look up but the WOD on was Notabilia, which I thought was a sign to start my blog that day. So I looked up some different domains and went from there.