did you know

did you know by Notabilia

did you know she didn’t want you?

did you know it was wrong?

did you know what you were doing was wrong?

did you know that denying what happened is lying?

did you know that you put your career before her?

did you know? or did you just not care?

did you not care that everyone knew you were lying?

did you not care that you ae now her living, breathing, walking nightmare?

did you not care that she was a person?

did she not struggle enough?

did she not scream loud enough?

cry enough?

did she not push you away enough?

do you think that it’s okay? 



Abdicate v.

To abdicate is to give up or renounce {such as a throne, power, right and or responsibility} in a formal, public or voluntary manner.


to resign, quit, abandon or repudiate


keep, continue, defend, fight, pursue

Aberration n.

An aberration is something that is unusual, not normal, or strange. It can also be used to describe someones metal state.


anomaly,  divergence, abnormality, irregularity, variation,  peculiarity, curiosity, quirk


normality, casualness, conformity, regularity, sameness, soundness


This blog is about the trials of a teenage black girl. I will try to write once about controvertible topics once a month, a “Word of the day” (everyday) and add a Daily Dose of Morgen… well daily. Please know that I am a high school student and I am very busy so if I ever get popular and miss an update I’m sorry.  Never the less, please comment about what you think or any new topics I should write about. You know what? Just comment in general. About what you think, how you are feeling, how you day has been going, what lead you to this blog, anything! Comment! Comment! Comment! I have never had a blog before so hopefully this will be fun and exciting as you walk through the mind of a bored teenage girl.