Word of the Day 6/05


Definition~ The symbol #

Yes our favorite symbol, the hashtag has a real name. Even before that it was called pound, or the number sign.  Ask any elementary kid they will call a #, they will say hashtag, ask they what a pound it, most will say, “pound cake?” Apparently the word began in the 1970s, -octo means eight (for the eight edges) and who knows what thorpe means. As for me the first thing I see when  I look at a #, is a tic-tac-toe game {I like being X}.


Word of the Day

  The very first word of the day is…You guessed it Notabilia! {It is also in my Home page} Notabilia is a latin word that means: Matters, events, or items worthy of note. 

“In Latin of the classical period, notābilis was an adjective only, 

meaning“noteworthy, famous,” but also “notorious, infamous.” Late Latin 

developedthe noun senses: first “noteworthy thing, important event” (plural 

notābiliaand later “eminent person” (plural notābilēs). Notabilia entered 

English in themid-19th century.”

Most WOD won’t be as extensive, but I thought I should explain why my blog is named Notabilia

     I have wanted to start a blog for a while now, but I didn’t know what to post about. Still, I visited other blogs to imagine what mine would be like next to theirs. I had decided what I wanted my blog to be like after going through 20 different pages. I don’t know what I had to look up but the WOD on dictionary.com was Notabilia, which I thought was a sign to start my blog that day. So I looked up some different domains and went from there.